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Baby massage has been around since the Quing dynasty (1644 - 1911), and has its origins in Ayurvedic medicine in India, dating back as far as 1800BC. The city of Kerala in India is where the art of baby massage originated, where babies from one month to six months are still massaged morning and evening for 20 mins (Leboyer 1997).

Families from many different cultures such as Nepal, Tibet, India and Malaysia recognise the value, health benefits and sense of well being that come with regular massage, for both mother and child. Mothers are massaged daily before the birth, and after Labour until the babies are 12 days old in some areas of India. In other areas the mother is massaged until 30 days after birth.
Cross Cultural studies today both support and show that babies should be held, massaged and carried much more than they are in present day western cultures. It has been found cultures who closely nurture their infants are less aggressive and violent (Prescott 1975)


Helps baby adapt to new environment
Helps baby adapt to his first language of touch
Enhances baby's feelings of being loved, respected and secure
Promotes relaxation, improving quality of sleep
Helps baby cope with stressful situations
Reduces the discomfort of colic, wind and constipation
Regulates, strengthens digestive, respiratory and immune systems
Stimulates circulatory system and nervous system
Helps baby get used to touch, especially important for babies who may have been subject to intrusive procedures from early or difficult births, or difficult start in life.
and lots more .....

Babies are massaged by the parent(s) and I demonstrate with a massage doll, demonstrating the strokes and ensuring parents are aware of any cautions to look out for. The massage is built up over a weekly basis of 4 or 5 weeks, depending on how confident parents feel. The massage builds up into a full body massage for baby. Once the course is complete you will be able to massage your baby safely and confidently. You will also learn how to adapt the massage as your baby grows, for each age and stage of development.

Baby massage can help with the parent/child relationship, in helping to forge strong bonds, and help to promote healthy emotional development in the baby.

Babies must have passed the 6 - 8 week check prior to massage, although if required a Colic sequence can be taught from an earlier stage, only once it has been established by GP that there is no other reason for the abdominal pain.

You will learn, when it is safe and appropriate to massage, contraindications to massage, how to recognise your baby's non verbal cues,how to help settle a fussy, disorganised or hypersensitive baby which oils are safest to use, how to store the oils. how to adapt the massage for both your needs and your growing baby's needs, well into childhood.

You are learning skills which will be with you forever, you will be able to adapt the massage as your child grows through the different stages, creating long lasting bonds

I can offer one to one or group teaching. One to one can be either at my home or in the comfort of your own home, where siblings and grandparents can also be involved if wished.
I can offer small groups up to 6 maximum in either my home or your home. This is sometimes a good choice for mums who have bonded from antenatal days.

I am also happy to work with other agencies for group work with parents, and have experience of working with Children and families from difficult backgrounds - having previously been a "sure start" Family support worker for a local authority. Please call to discuss any ideas or questions you may have.

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